Why do I have to do CPD Courses?

You have to do CPD Courses to be able to increase your knowledge in different areas; these will be in your professional category or in other areas. These courses are developed by specialist in different areas and can build your CV as long as you learn. This will increase the quality of services you deliver as you will be increasing your skills continuously.

Who develop these courses?

These courses are developed by passionate health specialists in Rwanda, the region and internationally, these specialists are contacted and are asked to sign an MOU with the organization to be able to make courses and help fellow health practitioners in Rwanda or outside. These professionals have both academic and clinical experience. We have also some course facilitators from different developed countries like UK, USA, Australia etc….

Who accredits your Courses?

These courses are accredited by regulatory bodies in Rwanda, given the mandate to protect the public and improve regulation, they check if the content is well developed, they make sure the facilitators are highly qualified or are specialist in a certain field before the accreditation.

Can I do courses and pay later?

Sure, you can learn and enjoy the trainings and pay a small fee later or after you have done the courses, you register to the platform and get a free course. After testing you request for others which you can pay later after learning if you want. We are targeting increasing knowledge first

Frequently Asked Questions

What Professions do we service with online courses?

We have courses for Nurses and Midwives, Biomedical Laboratory Practitioners, Clinical Psychologists, Physical Therapists, Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists, Dental Therapists, Biomedical Engineers, Medical Imaging Officers, optometrists, Social Workers, Public Health Practitioners, Occupational Therapists, Surgeons, Nutritionists and others.