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Intructor Rules

For the organization to generate Quality educational materials; instructors have to be experts in a certain field; these instructors must be health professionals with active license to practice from a competent regulatory body in case they are teaching a health top.

  • - Be with an active license to practice
  • Be loyal with no records of malpractice
  • Be with a good will to help others in capacity building

What Instructors Said

Je pense que c’est une excellente occasion pour les professionnels de la santé au Rwanda et en Afrique de développer leurs capacités professionnelles via des CPD. Les services en ligne ont éliminé les obstacles à l'accessibilité, même dans les régions éloignées.

Dr. Watukalusu M. Hubert.

Medical Doctor, MSc Cand.

Continuous Professional Development has to be in our culture ! As health professionals are catering for life saving and quality of life improvement ; they really to always update their knowledge… science is moving, we have to also move and upgrade our knowledge day to day.

Dr. Anicet Nzabonimpa, MD

Medical Doctor, MSc

It is essential that we make sure our knowledge is update, some if not most of techniques that were used in pst years are changing and health professionals need to adapt to the changing environment by enrolling in different CPD packages available…. Get them online – no need to travel and loos time!

Jean de Dieu Harelimana, MSc, PhD Cand.

Medical Laboratory Specialist

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